2018 Xi,an China 中国西安

/ Elevation renovation for Jambo hotel / The touchstone of the design was the spatial relationship between paper sheets and mechanical rolls. In paper manufacturing, after thermo-mechanical refinement and dehydration, paper sheets will be rolled into the papermaking system. The continuous rolling in and out of paper sheets, therefore, forms a certain depth of space, which is inspirational and dramatic.  Following the paper rolling concept, we kept testing paper rolling by twisting, stretching and overlaying to realize the spatial theatricality and richness we tried to create for the facade. Early sketch to some extent was influenced by Cy Twombly’s work. We have tested four potential materials for the facade including wood, raw steel, stainless steel with mirror effect and white anodized stainless steel. 

/Jambo 酒店立面改造 / 纸张卷轴的概念纸张在卷轴中卷曲,舒展,压制,最后形成无限可能性的白色纸张。顺着这个概念,在方案设计中,我们将卷轴进行变形和重叠,从而使得过于扁平的门面产生一定的空间进深,形成别具一格的视觉效果。早期的设计草图,一定程度上也受到Cy Twombly影响。在设计中,我们尝试了四种可能性的材料运用,包括木,生钢,镜面不锈钢以及不锈钢白色镀层。


wenshan school Yunnan 云南文山学校
private holiday house in Lijiang 丽江度假庄园
house X renovation / X住宅建筑及室内改造
Sanhua Village Center / 三华村村民活动中心
Hainan Changjiang hotel / 海南昌江民宿群